Retreaducation 101

The Facts. The Figures. The Basics.

The whole retread tire story needs some serious retelling. Dependable, better for budgets and environmentally-friendly for everyone. Those are the basics and the facts. So let’s mash-up the myths and set the record straight for good. Start your Retreaducation today and learn the truth about retread tires.

The Bandag Challenge

We’re putting our money where our retreads are. Bandag retread tires will deliver a lower operating cost than the competition, or we'll pay the difference. Take the Bandag Challenge. Any savings not in your favor will be refunded. You read that right.

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Thinking Retreads?

Use your street smarts.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the benefits of retread tires. It’s basic math. Retreads are better on your budget. They’re better for the environment. And they’re better for your business, keeping your trucks rolling. It all adds up to a smarter tire solution.

Anytime you talk retreads, a good place to start is the price, because they perform like new tires at a fraction of the cost. Specialized tread patterns stand up to the demands of your operation. State-of-the-art compounds that help resist wear and tear.


You can’t afford downtime. Neither can your customers. Bandag’s retread process is efficient and proven, keeping your trucks rolling day and night.

Retread Tire Myths

Retread Myths. Retread Realities.
Get a load of some of these road-tested whoppers. Gators, cost, bad weather, safety, mileage and more. Learn the truth. The rest is pure nonsense.*

We put eight common retreading myths to the test. They all failed.

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*All retread myths and realities were sourced through Randall Reilly Publishing and Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC.