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Retread Tires: 101

Let’s set the story straight

The whole retread tire story needs some serious retelling. They’re dependable, better on budgets and environmentally-friendly. Those are the facts. So let’s smash some myths and set the record straight about retread tires.

What is a retread?

Retread tires, or “recap tires” are the best way to get more out of one of your fleet’s most important investments. They’re such a successful way of managing fleet and truck tires that nearly half of all North American replacement truck tires are retreads.

Retread Tire Myths

Get a load of some of these road-tested whoppers. Gators, cost, bad weather, safety, mileage and more. Learn the truth. The rest is pure nonsense.* We put eight common retreading myths to the test. They all failed.


Building greener retreads. Saving fleets money. More innovative technology. Maximizing fuel efficiency. We’ll never stop improving what’s already a better tire solution. That’s why more fleets come to us for leading products, expert advice, and unrivaled service.