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Bus & Coach Retreads

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BDR-AS Retread Tire

Bus & Coach

Designed to give your trucks traction in almost any weather condition. The BDR-AS delivers the gripping power to get you to where you need to be.

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bd 30 drive-dr s170 s180 s190 s200 s210 s220 s230 s240 s170 s180 s190 s200 s210 s220 s230 s240 s8-25r15 s8r19-5 s9r17-5 s10-00r15 s10r17-5 s11r17-5 s215-75r17-5 s215-85r16 s225-75r16 s7-00r15 s8-25r20 s9-00r15 s9r22-5 s225-70r19-5 s245-75r16 s10r22-5 s245-75r17 s245-75r22-5 s255-80r22-5 s265-75r22-5 s9-00r20 s235-75r17-5 s235-80r22-5 s245-70r19-5 s255-70r22-5 s265-70r19-5 s295-80r22-5 s10-00r20 s10-00r22 s11-00r20 s11r22-5 s11r24-5 s12r22-5 s275-80r24-5 s285-75r24-5 s11-00r22 s12r24-5 s275-70r22-5 s275-80r22-5 s285-70r19-5 s295-75r22-5 s305-70r19-5 s305-70r22-5 s305-75r24-5 s305-85r22-5 s315-80r22-5