BDM3 Retread Tire

Mixed-Service Drive Design



  • Severe Service
  • Waste & Recycling


  • Tandem Axle
  • Single Axle

Retread Pattern Details

BDM3 is the next generation refuse drive tire designed to extend tread life and maintain traction over its predecessor BDM2. The new proprietary compound allows BDM3 to maintain the traction and cut / chip resistance of BDM2 while removing the need for a directional tread design which reduces mounting complexity. The BDM3 also utilizes a new stone rejection technology that will assist in extending casing life.

  • Non-Directional Design provides traction across multiple surface types.
  • Stone Rejection Technology designed to reduce stone retention and increase the life of the casing.
  • Proprietary Tread delivers 10% improvement in wear life versus BDM2.


  • 210
    Width: 210 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 220
    Width: 220 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 230
    Width: 230 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 240
    Width: 240 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 250
    Width: 250 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 260
    Width: 260 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 270
    Width: 270 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 280
    Width: 280 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32


The Evolution of Retreading

The Retreading process has come a long way in the last century, and Bandag is an industry pioneer. We’ll continue to innovate for the future with processes that are efficient, economical, and environmentally conscious.

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