Ultra All-Position Retread Tire

The Ultra All-Position Retread Tire offers a low-void ratio tread that puts more rubber on the road for long tread life and strong traction in all weather conditions. It's suitable for truckload, LTL, distribution, and pickup and delivery applications.


  • Less Than Truckload
  • Truckload
  • Distribution & P&D


  • Tandem Axle
  • Single Axle

Retread Pattern Details

  • A low void ratio means more rubber in the footprint, which improves tread life, traction and handling.
  • Four circumferential grooves help channel water away from the footprint for strong wet traction.
  • Special blade pattern on each rib enhances traction for ice and snow conditions.
  • Optimized tread pattern and tapered groove walls help minimize irregular wear.


  • 180
    Width: 180 mm
    Tread Depth: 18/32
  • 190
    Width: 190 mm
    Tread Depth: 18/32
  • 200
    Width: 200 mm
    Tread Depth: 18/32
  • 210
    Width: 210 mm
    Tread Depth: 18/32
  • 220
    Width: 220 mm
    Tread Depth: 18/32
  • 230
    Width: 230 mm
    Tread Depth: 18/32
  • 240
    Width: 240 mm
    Tread Depth: 18/32

The Evolution of Retreading

The Retreading process has come a long way in the last century, and Bandag is an industry pioneer. We’ll continue to innovate for the future with processes that are efficient, economical, and environmentally conscious.

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