Bandag. There's no bigger name in retreads.

With almost double the market share of our nearest competitors, there's no bigger name in retreads. That's why more fleets come to us for leading products, expert advice, and unrivaled service.

What We Do

World Class Retreads

For over 60 years, Bandag retreads have built a solid reputation based on a commitment to quality, innovation and a focus on improving tire performance and your bottom line.

It begins and ends with retreads that perform like new tires, at a fraction of the price. We produce specialized tread patterns that match up with any terrain. Next-generation compounds resist wear and tear, delivering more mileage than ever before. Innovative designs lower rolling resistance to increase fuel efficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership. All delivered by a dealer network second to none.

More products. More expertise. More coverage. That’s Bandag.


What's in it for fleets?

Retreading at its best, that’s what. So whether your trucks are roaming the highways, trudging through construction sites or maneuvering through back alleys, we offer Bandag retreads that will optimize your tire program at a fraction of the cost of new tires.

Retread Tire Solutions
We support fleets across the continent via the customer-focused network of Bandag dealers combined with the industry strength and leadership of Bridgestone. So you get more industry-specific products, more services and more coverage.

Easy On Your Budget
When combined with a proactive tire management program, retreading allows you to maximize your initial investment by extending the service life of tires after the tread is worn.

North America's Largest ISO 9001:2000 Certified Retread Manufacturing Network
Nearly 100 Bandag retread tire manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified, so you can expect and receive consistent, quality products.

Backed By A Bridgestone Enhanced Casing Warranty
All quality tire casings include a limited warranty* that guarantees the retreadability of the casing. An exclusive limited warranty covers select Bridgestone-brand premium commercial tires and casings for 7 years and unlimited retreading when retreaded with the Bandag process.

What's in it for dealers?

Cutting-edge technology with training, service and systems support to match. Providing you with an excellent return on your equipment investments.

Distribution Strength
As a Bandag dealer, you are connected to all the coverage and capabilities of the Bandag dealer network. No other commercial tire dealer network offers so many services, consistently supplied to help fleets lower operating costs.

Retreads Support Independent Business Ideals
Bandag retreads support the ideals of independent business people. That's why Bandag dealers are independent family businesses. That entrepreneurial spirit is key to the strength of the Bandag brand.

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Our stance on having a positive effect on the environment

For more than 60 years, Bandag has been helping customers save green by going green.

Since 1957 the Bandag retread process has kept an estimated 300 million tires out of the waste stream and saved some 4 billion gallons of oil, all while helping fleet customers lower their operating costs.1 At Bandag, we’re passionate about the environment.

As a member of the Bridgestone family, Bandag’s commitment to the environment is stronger than ever. In support of Bridgestone’s mission “to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations,” Bandag is redoubling its efforts to promote sustainable practices, from the installation of alternative energy solutions at our franchised dealers, to producing some of the lowest rolling resistance retreads on the market. We don’t view being green as a gimmick or a fad. Being green is a part of who we are.

To learn more about the environmental impact your fleet can make by switching to Bandag retreads, please see our Cost Savings Calculator.


More than 800 tires per hour are retreaded with Bandag. In a year, this helps keep roughly seven million tires out of the waste stream.

Bandag retreads require just 30% of the energy to produce as a new tire.2

Making a Bandag retread takes only seven gallons of oil, compared to 22 gallons required to manufacture a new tire.2

Several Bandag franchisees are taking advantage of alternative energy such as solar power.

Bandag FuelTech products offer some of the lowest rolling resistance in the industry, which contributes to fuel efficiency gains, ensuring that the environmental benefits of our retreads extend well beyond the production line.


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*Warranty subject to conditions and exclusions.
1. Reduction in tires estimated based on available Bandag production history from 1957-2015. Lower operating costs refer to the average cost savings generated by using Bandag retreads compared to new-tires only.
2. Savings refer to oil and energy used to produce standard tire. Source: Environmental Protection Agency
3. Bandag retreads perform like comparable new tires based on test data of Drive tires in a Waste segment application.