BTL-SA Retread Tire

Designed for spread axle and multi-axle applications, BTL-SA provides serious protection from casing damage caused by twisting, scraping or scrubbing.


  • Less Than Truckload
  • Truckload


  • Single Axle
  • Tandem Axle
  • Spread Axle

Retread Pattern Details

BTL-SA was specifically engineered for trailer tires used in spread axle and multi-axle applications. Spread axle trailer tires take the brunt of what the road has to offer. When cornering, tires drag causing lateral stress. Shoulders twist, scrape and scrub. These movements punish your tire casing, causing scuffing and tearing at tread ribs. The BTL-SA design helps protect casings from this damage.

  • With its modified shoulder design, casings retreaded with BTL-SA are less susceptible to the destructive damage caused by tight turns or maneuvering at crowded loading docks.
  • Proven tread compound offers resistance to cutting, chunking, chipping and tearing.
  • 16/32" tread depth helps deliver long tread life.


  • 200
    Width: 200 mm
    Tread Depth: 16/32
  • 210
    Width: 210 mm
    Tread Depth: 16/32
  • 220
    Width: 220 mm
    Tread Depth: 16/32
  • 230
    Width: 230 mm
    Tread Depth: 16/32
  • 240
    Width: 240 mm
    Tread Depth: 16/32