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As a Bandag dealer, you are connected to all the coverage and capabilities of the Bandag dealer network. No other commercial tire dealer network offers so many services, consistently supplied to help fleets lower operating costs.

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Bandag retreads support the ideals of independent businesspeople. That's why so many Bandag dealers are independent family businesses. That entrepreneurial spirit is key to the strength of the Bandag brand.


Bandag retreads incorporate new technologies with training, service, and systems support to match. Providing you with an excellent return on your equipment investment.


Tires shouldn’t slow you down. That’s why Bandag dealers use Fleet Analyzer to keep you informed about tire conditions that can impact the ability of your trucks to meet your customer’s expectations.

BASys Fleet Analyzer is a mobile and web-based tire inspection tool that provides valuable feedback on tires, maximizing performance and reducing problems. Detailed reports on the performance and condition of your tires are available immediately after a tire inspection is performed. There are inspection modules available for every aspect of your tire decision-making:

  • In Service Tire Inspection & Yard Check – One of the most comprehensive reports you will ever have on the condition of the tires on your tractors, trailers or trucks. You will receive detailed information about your fleet including: inflation, tread depth and potential problems – all customized to your unique specifications. You can schedule rotations, plan for tire replacements and correct immediate problems at your fleet rather than on the highway – helping to control costs and improve uptime.
  • Out of Service Tire Inspection – What can that pile of old tires tell you about your fleet? More than you think! Every tire tells a story and the tires you remove from service say a lot about your tire program. By analyzing every tire removed from service, you can identify opportunities to reduce expense. Answer important questions about alignment, operating conditions, tire age and fleet specifications through a complete analysis. Over time you will build a library of data to assist you with making selections about products, equipment, and maintenance practices that will drive out costs and improve profitability.

Try the new BASys Fleet Analyzer 2.0

Ever wonder how your Bandag dealer knows the high quality Bandag retread he is delivering to you is the same tire you meticulously maintained? BASys Manufacturing allows Bandag dealers to collect, photograph, and provide a receipt for each and every tire. From pick up to delivery, your Bandag dealer collects valuable information about your assets in his possession. Owner, brand, model, age, number of retreads and repairs, failure reasons, location - just a few examples of what your Bandag dealer captures when you entrust him to manage your retread program.

Using BASys Manufacturing, this data is turned into valuable management information to aid in cost saving tire decisions. Bandag retreaders can tell you which casings appear to perform best in your application, the types of failure conditions or damage observed in your operation and whether it is more effective to retread, repair or replace a tire through detailed expense analysis. Your maintenance and retread specifications are loaded into the BASys Manufacturing system to ensure that whether you have one location, or one hundred, your tires are being retreaded to the same strict guidelines you establish.

BASys Fleet Inventory is your real time window into tire management. By logging into this powerful dashboard, you can gain valuable insight into your Bandag retread program. Specific inventory information, such as the location of your casings and finished retreads allow decisions to be made on how best to move these valuable assets. Stacks of tires don't move freight, but having those stacks in the right place when you need them ensures you aren't purchasing unnecessary tires.

BASys Fleet Inventory helps you put the right tire in the right place when you need it. In addition, BASys Fleet Inventory presents information on conditions that place your tires out of service or have exceeded your specifications for number of retreads or age. Collecting and presenting this information on demand is one way Bandag puts control of your tire program right on your desktop.

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