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Let's set the record straight on retreads

A source for research-based reports on quality retread tires.
Learn how these retreads compare with new tires on trusted quality, cost and environmental impact.

Trusted Quality

Do Retreads Stack Up?

The research is in: see how the quality of modern retreads stacks up.

Retread Report Summary: Top 10 Reasons Why Retreads May Be Better Than New Tires¹

Choosing retreads is about protecting your bottom line while understanding the bigger picture. There are cost savings for you, economic benefits for the whole industry and energy savings for the whole planet.

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Retreads vs New Tires - Retread Reliability

Researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a comprehensive study on truck retread tire reliability.

Author: John Woodrooffe

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Proven Savings

The Bottom Line on Retreads

Uncover the true cost of tires with the latest research and decide what's right for you.

How to Lower Fleet Costs with Retread Tires

How a better understanding of retread tire rolling resistance is helping fleets make smarter business decisions.

Author: Josh Abell, PhD

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Responsible Choice

The Impact of Retreads

Learn how retread tires positively contribute to our environment and economy.

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The Impact of the Retread Industry on the Economy

Retreaded tires are an economical and environmentally responsible business practice that also contribute jobs and economic value to the U.S. economy.

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Retreads and the Impact on the Environment

Retreading is the Most Environmentally Responsible Tire Choice.

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