Ultra Drive Retread Tire

For value and quality, look to the Ultra Drive Retread Tire from Bandag. Featuring a deep, all-weather tread pattern that offers reliable traction and mileage for a range of applications, this retread tire is suitable for distribution, LTL, and truckload applications.


  • Less Than Truckload
  • Truckload
  • Distribution & P&D


  • Tandem Axle

Retread Pattern Details

  • Stone penetration protectors fight stone drilling.
  • Slotted shoulder and specialized blade patterns promote traction in all conditions.
  • Tie-barred shoulder helps provide lug stability and minimize irregular wear.
  • 26/32nd tread depth contributes to long tread life.


  • 200
    Width: 200 mm
    Tread Depth: 26/32
  • 210
    Width: 210 mm
    Tread Depth: 26/32
  • 220
    Width: 220 mm
    Tread Depth: 26/32
  • 230
    Width: 230 mm
    Tread Depth: 26/32
  • 240
    Width: 240 mm
    Tread Depth: 26/32
  • 250
    Width: 250 mm
    Tread Depth: 26/32
  • 260
    Width: 260 mm
    Tread Depth: 26/32

The Evolution of Retreading

The Retreading process has come a long way in the last century, and Bandag is an industry pioneer. We’ll continue to innovate for the future with processes that are efficient, economical, and environmentally conscious.

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