BDM2 Retread Tire

Mixed-Service Drive Design


  • Severe Service
  • Waste & Recycling


  • Tandem Axle
  • Single Axle

Retread Pattern Details

The Bandag BDM2 retread is a next-generation drive pattern designed specifically for the rigors of the waste and construction industries. Advanced directional tread design with longer lugs and obtuse angles enhances traction and durability in demanding applications. This new design, combined with Bandag’s innovative tread compounds, delivers long tread wear that makes it the perfect choice for on-road/off-road mixed-service haulers.

  • More stability and fewer edges across the road surface for smooth, even wear.
  • Enhanced grooves clean out debris to rebuild traction lost to longer lugs.
  • 32/32nds Tread Depth for excellent traction and wear.
  • Reduce stress for enhanced durability.
  • Directional design ensures that the obtuse angles are always the ones leading into the footprint for long life.
  • Based on independent third-party testing, the BDM2 advanced directional design outperforms Bandag BDM™ on icy, snowy roads without compromising durability and tire life.


  • 210
    Width: 210 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 220
    Width: 220 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 230
    Width: 230 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 240
    Width: 240 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 250
    Width: 250 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 260
    Width: 260 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 270
    Width: 270 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32
  • 280
    Width: 280 mm
    Tread Depth: 32/32